Each Congress of Sportmeet brings a cultural "flood of life" in the people who participate in it that flows in the cities of provenance, in the different latitudes of the world. 

At the Congress of Rome held in April was invited to participate also Joel Pinho, Neo councillor to the Sport of the municipality of Guarantiguetà, City of about 150,000 inhabitants in the middle of the valley of the River Paralba, two and a half hours from San Paolo. Joel returned to his function with a motivation and an inspiration for the inclusion and overcoming of the barriers that gave him the courage to make innovative decisions, meeting the needs of the less affluent. He told us that it was not easy and that coherent choices often have to go against the tide, but as a former wrestler, accustomed to fighting, he can exploit the whole experience and the grit gained in the sport.
We report a brief interview of Francisco Sebok, Sportmeet's contact in Latin America, during the feast for the 30th anniversary of the Fazenda de Esperança, which has its main community, dedicated to the recovery of street children, to persons subject to the most Different dependencies, right in the territory of Guarantiguetà.

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